07-07-2008 tags: blog

Meh... During the evening I noticed a bit of a dripping sound that sounded more inside than outside. It seems I've got a bit of leakage above the door to my terrace. It's dripping over half the width of the door, so I rigged a garbage bag to act as a funnel with some duct tape so I only need one bucket to catch the water. Hopefully I'll get this mess sorted tomorrow.

Also, I may have left my camera at work or something, so unfortunately here's only a poor picture taken with my phone.


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Todo list: 1

04-07-2008 tags: blog

I thought that me trying to make more todo-lists and me trying to finish the items I compile on those lists would make for interesting topics for blog post... So, without further adieu, lets proceed to the first item on the todo-list for today.

"1. Do the laundry"

I have a tendency to postpone doing my laundry way too often. Though not enough to cause any sort of lack-of-sock emergencies. I tend to do the laundry once a week in the weekend. It seems that on weekdays there is ample time for doing the laundry, but that may just be an illusion. The actual washing and drying of the laundry may take about two and a half hours on the settings I use most often. I tend to arrive at home from work in between seven and eight in the evening. I go to bed at or before eleven. That leaves at least 3 hours of time. When I get home after work I usually go for dinner and checking some websites first before anything else really. (plus of course logging into my regular idling grounds: the discworld mud) I should try to change my habit that I first check to see if the washing machine is not in use when I get home. (I share a washing machine and dryer with the people also renting an apartment in this building) Hopefully that will result in a smaller stack of dirty laundry in my bedroom.

In any case, I just put some laundry in the washing machine, so that's at least good.


Maybe the next post will be about cleaning my terrace.Last laundry hanging aroundThe washing machine here

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Playing around with cairo

21-02-2008 tags: blog

As some of you might know I'm sometimes like to play around with some statistics. Nothing really fancy or too complicated. Just collecting, a bit of calculating and making pretty graphs. To make those graphs I have previously rrdtool, gnuplot as well as matplotlib. All of them have some merits and shortfalls, but in my opinion none of them make really fancy eyecandy.

I was most recently using matplotlib, but discovered that it had troubles when more then one graph was generated at one time. It managed to mix up the data of both graphs which led to incorrect and very ugly graphs. So I though I might as well go look for yet another alternative.

In researching for a potential solution to some of the matplotlib problems I ran into I had a look at the render backends used by matplotlib. One of them was cairo. This inspired my to just make the 2d graphs myself. The first plot was a bit boring, but the pie chart I'm making are pretty nice. I followed (visually) the example mentioned on visophyte (which in turn follows an example on

The higher pie chart below shows the amount of players in every house in the Ankh-Morpork Assassins' Guild on the Discworld mud. I only counted players who were online in the last 2 1/2 month. The lower pie chart shows how much time all those players spend on the disc during that time in relation to each house. (for correct interpretation please note that the colours for the houses aren't the same in both charts)





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Blog about to be deployed

23-12-2007 tags: blog

I figure it's about time to open up the blog section. I still need to make an archive and index page, but since I need more than 1 blog post for an archive page, this is another entry.

So far I think it looks good. It's all pretty simple and probably bound to change in the future. (like some addition with tags and such, I need to get with the hype :)

The comments might be a bit to simple too at the moment, but I'm sure that migrating more features into it should be quite painless. 

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Christmas coding

22-12-2007 tags: blog

Seems I have the planned my holidays full with coding projects already. Most of which are related to this website. And it's about time too. I think the timestamps on the first mockups of the design are already 2 years old. At that time, though, I didn't think I'd be using python and django for my website. Let alone some Russian webserver.

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Main Page - Discworld & ...

29-01-2007 tags: bookmark discworld

Main Page - Discworld & Pratchett Wiki
Brilliant wiki to just browse around if you like Terry Pratchet's Discworld novels.