So annoyed by media misrepresenting ...

29-07-2011 tags: tweet

So annoyed by media misrepresenting scientific research as sensational as possible + people not reading beyond headlines!

@mlangenbach Nomnomnom!!

25-07-2011 tags: tweet

@mlangenbach Nomnomnom!!

@Wieteke15 Ah... en ik maar ...

22-07-2011 tags: tweet

@Wieteke15 Ah... en ik maar denken dat je naar muziek aan het luisteren was... :)

@alex_gaynor (about The West Wing) ...

22-07-2011 tags: tweet

@alex_gaynor (about The West Wing) God that's a good TV series, only series I watched 3 times front to back. :)

@bpeschier Have a safe trip ...

15-07-2011 tags: tweet

@bpeschier Have a safe trip back to the Netherlands!

@Kialna *blup* *blup*

14-07-2011 tags: tweet

@Kialna *blup* *blup*