Todo list: 1


I thought that me trying to make more todo-lists and me trying to finish the items I compile on those lists would make for interesting topics for blog post... So, without further adieu, lets proceed to the first item on the todo-list for today.

"1. Do the laundry"

I have a tendency to postpone doing my laundry way too often. Though not enough to cause any sort of lack-of-sock emergencies. I tend to do the laundry once a week in the weekend. It seems that on weekdays there is ample time for doing the laundry, but that may just be an illusion. The actual washing and drying of the laundry may take about two and a half hours on the settings I use most often. I tend to arrive at home from work in between seven and eight in the evening. I go to bed at or before eleven. That leaves at least 3 hours of time. When I get home after work I usually go for dinner and checking some websites first before anything else really. (plus of course logging into my regular idling grounds: the discworld mud) I should try to change my habit that I first check to see if the washing machine is not in use when I get home. (I share a washing machine and dryer with the people also renting an apartment in this building) Hopefully that will result in a smaller stack of dirty laundry in my bedroom.

In any case, I just put some laundry in the washing machine, so that's at least good.


Maybe the next post will be about cleaning my terrace.Last laundry hanging aroundThe washing machine here

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