Django Deployment, Mushishi &


Since I'm a complete lazy arse and haven't done any blog posts, I'll just give a summary of the things I've been working on in the last weeks.

I've been working on figuring out a good deployment system for Django applications. A lot has been written about this and there are loads of examples around. None of them seem to get everything right, though. So I'm trying to cherry pick all the good bits out of ideas I read about. Trying to fit in the concept of different stages (development, testing, quality assurance and production) in there as well.

I'll be sure to write something up by the time I've figured most of that out and tested it a bit as well. After that I'll probably try to get this website to fit into that mold as well.

As for other stuff. Been watching some episodes of the anime Mushishi for a bit. I have to say that it's a quite intriguing series. It's nice that most episodes are separate stories, so I don't feel compelled to watch them all at once. :)

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